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Site Credits

The texts for this website were written by the crew in Spring/Summer 2023. DisCO Pink Board members Cindy Kohtala, Ela Kagel, Nathan Schneider, Natalia Avlona and Dmytri Kleiner provided suggestions and additional material.

The designs were produced by Rory Robertson-Shaw of Autonomous Design Group, and implemented by front-end designers Mireia Juan Cuco, from MAKEA and Luis H Porras from Amoved, with Javier Arturo Rodriguez taking care of the backend.


Production of the DisCO Basics has been supported by One Project, Lankelly Chase and our supporters on Open Collective and through our support page. Thank you!

Image Credits

1: What is DISCO?

2: DisCO Principles

3: DisCO Origins

4: DisCO Journey and LABS

5: DisCO Futures

6: The DisCO Project

7: How do I get Involved?

8: DisCO Terminology

9: More on