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The DisCO Basics is an online primer on DisCO.

Highlighted texts link to definition boxes — you can try it with DisCO, above. Hover over the highlight and you'll find a definition and a link to more info on that topic.

The DisCOverse is a living, evolving, future-economy system. A big part of bringing this system alive is creating a new vocabulary. This vocabulary helps describe the relationships we want to foster with the Earth and with each other, pays tribute to those who have struggled to make a better world, and offers new terms, e.g. Lovework, Commons, Federation, Carework. Hover over a highlighted word for a quick definition, or click through for more depth, even some rabbit holes.

DisCO Basics has 9 entries on the main menu. These can be read sequentially or out of order. A second kind of highlight helps you jump to different sections. Try it: click this highlight to jump to the Seven DisCO Principles. You can quickly return to the section you were reading by pressing back on your device or browser. Any other hyperlinks look like this and work as expected on any website.

At the end of each entry you will find a tab with:

TLDR/More Resources

  • A TLDR with a summary of the main points covered
  • More resources with a list of links that expand on the info covered

Below the TLDR and More Resources tab there are navigation buttons for the previous or next article.

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Why should I read DisCO Basics?

Although we call this site DisCO Basics, it isn’t a how-to or a “DisCO for Dummies” guide. DisCO Basics uses more general language to make some key concepts and examples more accessible, or as a first entry point. We hope that it's useful, educational and appropriately challenging for general readers.

Some concepts or practices may seem familiar, but putting the pieces together can take time. To help, we have included infographics and summaries. To get more information, clarity or to discuss any points, you are welcome to join our Loomio group, where the DisCO community will be happy to engage with you.

You can also check out our main website,, our FAQ, or our introductory list of DisCO links and resources, or contact us directly.